2013 Poster Sessions : Scene3D: A Camera Simulation Pipeline for Computational Photography

Student Name : Andy Lin
Advisor : Brian Wandell
Research Areas: Information Systems
Scene3D is a multispectral camera simulation pipeline that allows the user to create 3-dimensional, spectral scenes using computer graphics. These scenes are used as input to the ISET camera simulation pipeline, enabling the user to evaluate camera models using realistic input scenes. Scene3D is an advancement over the previous versions of ISET that restricted inputs to be 2-dimensional spectral scenes. The addition of 3D to the simulation allows for accurate simulation of defocus blur, diffraction, and chromatic aberrations, critical aspects of photography. Physical accuracy of Scene3D allows the pipeline to be used for rapid simulated camera prototyping and computational imaging simulation. With this pipeline, we can analyze the effects of changing camera components without the high cost and time involved with constructing a physical system. Currently, Scene3D is being extended for the simulation of computational photography imaging systems.

Andy L. Lin is a 4th year EE PhD student, working under Professor Brian Wandell. Andy's areas of interest include computational photography, image and video processing, computer vision, and computer graphics. Andy graduated with B.S. and M.Eng. degrees from M.I.T in 2008 and 2009.