2013 Poster Sessions : Co-Ordinated Management for Dense WiFi Networks

Student Name : Yiannis Yiakoumis
Advisor : Nick McKeown
Research Areas: Computer Systems
It's typical for home networks to operate within a highly dense WiFi deployment, where they interfere and content for the same resources with neighboring networks. Today this happens on a chaotic, un-coordinated way. We explore how to improve the network performance on a neighborhood-scale using a centralized architecture.

Yiannis is a PhD Candidate at Electrical Engineering working with Prof. Nick McKeown and Sachin Katti. He is a member of ONRC and has worked on multiple projects related with OpenFlow and SDN. His research focuses on applications of SDN in wireless and home networks, such as cloud-based network management for home users, a user-centric approach for network regulation, and co-ordinated management for dense WiFi deployments. He holds a diploma from the University of Patras, Greece and has worked for Philips Research and Juniper Networks.