2013 Poster Sessions : Lightspeed Datacenter Networking

Student Name : Nic McDonald
Advisor : William Dally
Research Areas: Computer Systems
The bifurcation of computing to increasingly mobile and warehouse scale data centers has presented a challenging time for computer and network architects. The demands for server performance, availability, and reliability is putting significant pressure on processor and network designs. Due to stringent requirements of large sizes and low costs, data centers are designed almost exclusively from low cost commodity hardware. This poster presents a network architecture that increases scalability and fault isolation while reducing latency.

After receiving a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, I came to Stanford University in September 2012. I am a member of the Concurrent VLSI Architecture (CVA) group led by William J. Dally. My research is in the area of high performance data center computer and network architectures.