2008 Poster Sessions : Rehearse: Interactive Programming for Faster Prototyping and Ideation

Student Name : Joel Brandt, Joel Lewenstein, and William Choi
Advisor : Scott Klemmer
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
At times, programmers work opportunistically, emphasizing speed and ease of development over code robustness and maintainability. They do this to prototype, ideate, and discover; to understand as quickly as possible what the right solution is. During an exploratory laboratory study on opportunistic programming, we observed that programmers cycled between coding and debugging very rapidly -- for all 20 participants, more than half of these cycles were less than 60 seconds in length. To better support this practice, we introduce "Rehearse", a system for interactive programming of JavaScript. Using Rehearse, each line of code is executed when it is written, giving the programmer immediate feedback on the effect of that code.

Joel Brandt is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Human-Computer Interaction Group, advised by Dr. Scott Klemmer. His research focuses understanding and improving prototyping practices in software development. He completed his undergraduate and masters at Washington University in St. Louis.

Joel Lewenstein is a Senior in Symbolic Systems.

William Choi is a Junior in Computer Science.