2013 Poster Sessions : Ori: A Durable Distributed File System for Users

Student Name : Ali Mashtizadeh
Advisor : David Mazières
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Ori is a file system that manages user data in a modern setting: one where users have multiple devices, wish to synchronize data, access old versions, and share data. It is fully peer-to-peer offering fast synchronization between user devices in close proximity, and also takes advantage of mobile devices which can physically transport large amounts of data across two different locations efficiently. As storage space is ever increasing, Ori is designed around data replication, which allows for offline use with future merging, and the ability to recover any lost data from other devices, thus eliminating the need for dedicated backups. We built Ori for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X using FUSE, and show that it can be used as a general purpose file system while also offering the additional benefits of version control, synchronization and data restore, for all files, with no additional overhead compared to a FUSE loopback file system.

Ali Mashtizadeh is a second year Ph.D. student in Computer Science. His research interests are in operating systems, distributed systems, storage, and security. Previously he worked four years at VMware as the lead engineer for the live virtual machine migration products. He earned his Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering at MIT.