2014 Poster Sessions : The Genomics of Neurodevelopment: Transcriptional Networks Underlying the Developing Neocortex

Student Name : Jim Notwell
Advisor : Gill Bejerano
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
The neocortex underlies many of the features that make us human. Here, I propose identifying the causal gene networks underlying differentiation and determination in the developing neocortex. To address these aims, we have measured the active enhancer landscape of the developing neocortex using ChIP-seq. I analyzed these data, predicting key regulators and the most heavily regulated target genes, as well as a striking instance of repetitive sequences being co-opted as enhancers. Going forward, I will integrate these data, and that from sorted neuronal populations, into a framework to predict and validate a map of causal gene regulatory hypotheses.

Jim Notwell is a graduate student in the Computer Science Ph.D. program at Stanford University. He received a B.S. in Computer Science, summa cum laude, from the University of Notre Dame in 2010. He is pursuing his interest in applying computational tools to biological problems in the lab of Gill Bejerano.