2014 Poster Sessions : Multi-Version Coding in Distributed Storage

Student Name : Zhiying Wang
Advisor : Tsachy Weissman
Research Areas: Information Systems
We investigate an information theoretic problem motivated by storing multiple versions of a data object in distributed storage systems. Specifically, in a storage system with $n$ server nodes, where there are $nu$ independent message versions, each server receives message values corresponding to some arbitrary subset of the versions. The versions are assumed to be totally ordered. Each server is unaware of the set of versions at the other servers, and aims to encode the values corresponding to the versions it has. We investigate codes where, from any set of $c$ nodes ($c < n$), the value corresponding to the highest common version, as per the version ordering, available at this set of $c$ nodes is decodable. We aim to design codes that minimize the storage cost.

Zhiying Wang is a postdoctoral associate at Stanford University. She received Ph.D. and M. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology in 2013 and 2009, and B.Sc. degree in Information Electronics and Engineering from Tsinghua University, China, in 2007. She is the recipient of the postdoctoral research fellowship with NSF Center for Science of Information. Her research interests include information theory, theoretical and applied aspects of coding for information storage, as well as efficient storage and processing of large amount of data.