2014 Poster Sessions : Sergeant: A Transactional Distributed Controller for Software Defined Networks

Student Name : Behram Mistree
Advisor : Philip Levis
Research Areas: Computer Systems
We propose Sergeant, a distributed software defined networking (SDN) controller that provides transactional guarantees to applications. Existing SDN controllers either do not scale past one controller (e.g., Nox) or require applications to manage consistency (e.g., Onix). Sergeant applications run as distributed, transactional programs over many controllers. These programs can perform potentially nested transactions covering both network software and hardware state. Experimental results from a prototype implementation show that it supports distributed controllers, automatically maintains consistency, schedules programs fairly, and meets the performance requirements of many current SDN applications (thousands of transactions per second and latency under 20ms).

Behram Mistree is a 6th year PhD student advised by Prof. Philip Levis. He is interested in distributed systems and abstractions, tools, and languages that can make such systems more robust.