2014 Poster Sessions : Promoting Active Learning & Leveraging Dashboards for Curriculum Assessment in an OpenEdX Introductory CS Course for Middle School

Student Name : Shuchi Grover
Advisor : Roy Pea
Research Areas: Information Systems
Lack of teachers to teach computer science (CS) and pedagogically sound introductory CS curricula remain a significant challenge facing secondary schools attempting to teach CS. This paper describes our efforts to design and pilot an online 6-week middle/high school course using Stanford's OpenEdX platform. The pedagogy, curriculum and assessment are guided by learning theory. The course leverages OpenEdX features for active learning, contextual discussions and multiple-choice assessments that promote student learning and provide feedback. The poster reports on experiences in using instructor dashboards to identify targets of student difficulty and to aid curriculum redesign.

A computer scientist and educator by training, Shuchi Grover is currently a PhD candidate in the Learning Sciences and Technology Design Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her current research is primarily concerned with CS Education in the K-12 years, and helping children become computationally literate. Her work focuses on curriculum, tools and environments that help in developing computational competencies; as well as social, cultural, and cognitive processes, and dispositions (such as task persistence) that nurture such development. Her prior work and broader interests extend to online learning, learning analytics, online communities of/for learning, educational technology, teacher professional development, constructionist/constructivist informal learning spaces for children, and parental awareness and involvement in K-12 education. She has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Computer Science, an M.S. in Computer Science, and an Ed.M. (Technology, Innovation & Education) from Harvard University.