2014 Poster Sessions : Robust Constellation Design in a Non Coherent Massive SIMO System

Student Name : Mainak Chowdhury, Alexandros Manolakos
Advisor : Andrea Goldsmith
Research Areas: Information Systems
An uplink system with a fixed number of single antenna transmitters and a single receiver with a large number of antennas is considered. For this system we propose an energy detection-based non coherent communication scheme which does not use the instantaneous channel state information at either the transmitter or the receiver and uses only the large scale statistics of the channel distribution. We provide a constellation design that is asymptotically optimal with increasing number of antennas and present numerical results on how it performs in non-asymptotic regimes. Since the channel statistics may not be precisely known, we present a robust counterpart which takes into account possible uncertainty in the large scale statistics and compare numerically its performance with the idealistic case of perfect knowledge of channel and noise statistics.

Alexandros Manolakos is currently a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Wireless System Laboratory (WSL) in the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford University working under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Goldsmith. He received his M.Sc. from the same department in June 2012 and his Diploma degree (5 years degree) in the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in June 2010.

Mainak Chowdhury is a third year PhD candidate with the Wireless Systems Laboratory at Stanford headed by Prof. Andrea Goldsmith. He did his Bachelor's (EE) from IIT Kanpur in 2011 and Masters (EE) from Stanford in 2013. His interests are in understanding large communication networks of transmitters and receivers and in simple transmission and decoding schemes which can achieve information theoretically optimal behavior.