2014 Poster Sessions : Designing and Implementing Mobile Science Collaboratories for Middle School

Student Name : Heidy Maldonado
Advisor : Roy Pea
Research Areas: Information Systems
New digital tools are revolutionizing the way students learn ecological science content and inquiry strategies. The LET’S GO project (Learning Ecology with Technologies from Science for Global Outcomes) depends on these innovations — sensors for data capture, information visualization for data-analysis, low-cost mobile computers and mobile phones for activities in the field — to give middle school students the opportunity to learn science by doing science in teams. We seek to develop, implement, research, and sustainably scale a new paradigm for inquiry science activities. Our "open inquiry" vision uses mobile computing to provide open software tools/resources, participation frameworks for learner project collaboration, mobile media/data capture, analysis, reflection and publishing. We integrate geo-positional data sensing, multimedia communication, information visualization and web 2.0 tools to create science learning collaboratories, using co-design methods with teachers, learners, developers, learning & domain scientists.

Heidy Maldonado is a Doctoral Candidate in Learning Sciences and Technology Design at Stanford University. She holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science, from Stanford University. Her research interests include computer supported collaborative learning and work; mobile interface design for learning and collaboration; and cross-cultural interface design.