2014 Poster Sessions : 3X: A Workbench for eXecuting eXploratory eXperiments

Student Name : Jaeho Shin
Advisor : Jennifer Widom
Research Areas: Computer Systems
3X is an open-source software tool to ease the burden of conducting computational experiments and managing data analytics. 3X provides a standard yet configurable structure to execute a wide variety of experiments in a systematic way, avoiding repeated creation of ad-hoc scripts and directory hierarchies. 3X organizes the code, inputs, and outputs for an experiment. The tool submits arbitrary numbers of computational runs to a variety of different compute platforms, and supervises their execution. It records the returning results, and lets the experimenter immediately visualize the data in a variety of ways. Aggregated result data shown by the tool can be drilled down to individual runs, and further runs of the experiment can be driven interactively. Our ultimate goal is to make 3X a “smart assistant” that runs experiments and analyzes results semi-automatically, so experimenters and analysts can focus their time on deeper analysis. Two features toward this end are under development: visualization recommendations and automatic selection of promising runs.

Jaeho Shin is a third-year PhD student in CS, who is working with Jennifer Widom and Andreas Paepcke. He received his BS and MS from KAIST and Seoul National University in Korea, and worked for Samsung Electronics as a software engineer before coming to Stanford. His research interests are in technology that enables more productive exploratory data analysis on large-scale datasets.