Student Name : Denny Britz, Mikhail Sushkov
Advisor : Christopher Ré
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Modern technological advances have made it feasible for intelligent systems to extract information from vast quantities of data. We have developed DeepDive, which is a trained system that uses a probabilistic learning and inference engine to extract facts from unstructured data such as text or images. With the Paleobiology application we have demonstrated that DeepDive can extract facts from raw PDF documents with higher accuracy than human volunteers.

Denny Britz is a Master's student at Stanford University with focus on Data Mining and Distributed Systems. He previously was employed as a research Engineer at the UC Berkeley AMPLab where he was working on Spark, a distributed in-memory computing Framework.

Mikhail Sushkov is a Master's student at Stanford focusing on Machine Learning and Data Mining. He has BS in CS from Caltech and has also interned at Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Sumo Logic.