2014 Poster Sessions : Supporting Networked Collaborative Learning Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Augment Joint Visual Attention

Student Name : Bertrand Schneider
Advisor : Roy Pea
Research Areas: Information Systems
We present the results of an eye-tracking study on collaborative problem-solving dyads. Dyads remotely collaborated to learn from contrasting cases involving basic concepts about how the human brain processes visual information. In one condition, dyads saw the eye gazes of their partner on the screen; in a control group, they did not have access to this information. Results indicated that this real-time mutual gaze perception intervention helped students achieve a higher quality of collaboration and a higher learning gain. Implications for supporting group collaboration are discussed.

Bertrand Schneider is currently working toward the master’s degree in computer science and the PhD degree in the Learning Sciences and Technology Design Program at Stanford University. His research interests include the development of new and original interfaces (e.g., tangible, multitouch, pen/paper based) for collaborative learning.