2014 Poster Sessions : Plug & Play Data Source in your Browser with Dexter

Student Name : Sudhir Agarwal, Abhijeet Mohapatra
Advisor : Mike Genesereth
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
We present Dexter, a browser-based, general purpose data ex- ploration system for end-users. Dexter enables end-users to easily query across multiple Web-accessible heterogeneous structured data sources with higher expressivity than that is directly supported by the sources. A novelty of our approach lies in the client-sided evaluation of end-user queries. Our query evaluation technique exploits the querying capabilities of the sources and communicates with the sources directly whenever possible. Dexter-Server, the server-sided component of Dexter, merely acts as a proxy for accessing sources that are not directly accessible from a Dexter-Client. Thus, Dexter also supports organizational internal and personal data sources while respecting end-users’ security and privacy. We also present the results of our evaluation of Dexter for scenarios involving querying across data about the US Govt., the US law, DBPedia, and data from popular social networks.

Abhijeet Mohapatra is a PhD candidate in the Logic Group advised by Professor Michael Genesereth. His work focuses on aggregates in logic programming.

Sudhir Agarwal is a Visiting Scholar in the Logic Group. His work focuses on enabling end-users to efficiently consume Web-accessible data.