2016 Poster Sessions : Diffraction-aware Light Field Photography

Student Name : Julie Chang, Isaac Kauvar
Advisor : Gordon Wetzstein
Research Areas: Information Systems
Light fields have many applications in machine vision, consumer photography, robotics, and microscopy. However, the prevalent resolution limits of existing light field imaging systems hinder widespread adoption. We analyze fundamental resolution limits of light field cameras in the diffraction limit using a PSF derived from the Wigner distribution, and we propose a sequential, coded-aperture-style acquisition scheme that optimizes the resolution of a light field reconstructed from multiple photographs captured from different perspectives and f-number settings. We also show that the proposed acquisition scheme facilitates high dynamic range light field imaging and demonstrate a proof-of-concept prototype system. With this work, we hope to advance our understanding of the resolution limits of light field photography and develop practical computational imaging systems to overcome them.

Isaac Kauvar is an Electrical Engineering PhD student advised by Gordon Wetzstein and Karl Deisseroth. Julie Chang is a Bioengineering PhD student advised by Gordon Wetzstein.