2016 Poster Sessions : Variable Topography Antenna for Single-Element Beam-Steering

Student Name : Chris Vassos
Advisor : Ada Poon
Research Areas: Information Systems
Beam-steering is typically accomplished through the introduction of multiple elements in the case of Phased Antenna Arrays, or through a single element MEMS-based approach. Though PAAs offer continuous steering of the beam, they result in a N-fold increase in size profile. Similarly limited, MEMS antennas, while a single-element, make use of discrete feed locations limiting the choice of beam angle. Through the introduction of an electrochemically actuated antenna in a microfluidic framework, we can alter the topology of the device and continuously steer the beam while maintaining a single-element profile.

Chris Vassos completed his BS’14 and MS’15 at Stanford University in the Electrical Engineering department. Interest areas include projects within the field of Biomedical device design focusing on energy harvesting and in vivo diagnostic systems, as well as projects in the space of Antenna Design.