2016 Poster Sessions : Deep Learning for Protein Complex Prediction

Student Name : Raphael Townshend
Advisor : Ron Dror
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
The dramatic rise in the number of macromolecules that have been structurally characterized has opened up the field of structural biology as a whole new area of application for deep learning algorithms. As structure is fundamental to determining function, such algorithms allow us to explore the inner workings of the cell in completely novel ways. In this work, we tackle the problem of protein complex prediction through the use of siamese networks. This method allows us to better understand the details of interactions between proteins as well as predict new interactions.

Raphael Townshend is a 2nd year PhD student in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford in Professor Ron Dror's lab, applying machine learning methods to problems in Structural Biology. He has experience working in the fields of Computer Vision, Genomics, and Statistical Inference.