2016 Poster Sessions : MobiSim: Disruptive Technologies for Ubiquitous Medical Education

Student Name : Mark Stauber
Advisor : Kenneth Salisbury
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Disruptive technologies including open-source electronics, 3D printing, and mobile gaming software pave the way for simulated medical education programs that are accessible and affordable in the most under-resourced environments. To validate this new paradigm, this work describes the development of a super low-cost virtual reality (VR) laparoscopic trainer. The MobiSim platform aims to provide guided, immersive laparoscopic training at 1% the cost of current VR trainers. In addition, it is compact and connected through mobile technologies. Beyond laparoscopic surgery, the MobiSim platform has the potential to drastically increase access to training for many more medical skills that are currently out of reach in under-resourced environments.

Mark Stauber is a doctoral student in the Salisbury Robotics Lab.