2016 Poster Sessions : Flash Storage Disaggregation

Student Name : Ana Klimovic
Advisor : Christos Kozyrakis
Research Areas: Computer Systems
PCIe-based Flash is commonly deployed to provide datacenter applications with high IO rates. However, its capacity and bandwidth are often underutilized as it is difficult to design servers with the right balance of CPU, memory and Flash resources over time and for multiple applications. We examine Flash disaggregation as a way to deal with Flash overprovisioning. We tune remote access to Flash over commodity networks and analyze its impact on workloads sampled from real datacenter applications. We show that, while remote Flash access introduces a 20% throughput drop at the application level, disaggregation allows us to make up for these overheads through resource-efficient scale-out. Hence, we show that Flash disaggregation allows scaling CPU and Flash resources independently in a cost effective manner.

Ana Klimovic is an EE PhD student working with Prof. Christos Kozyrakis on datacenter storage systems. Her research focuses on balancing the competing goals of high performance and high resource utilization in datacenter computing systems. Ana is a recipient of the Microsoft PhD Fellowship and Stanford Graduate Fellowship.