2016 Poster Sessions : Gaining Visibility and Intuitions into Distributed Systems

Student Name : Stephen Yang
Advisor : John K. Ousterhout
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Understanding and debugging distributed systems can be hard for a variety of reasons. One of them is the lack of visibility into what the system behavior at runtime. In this poster session, I will present some systems in use today to monitor/query runtime behavior, but the main purpose will be to start a conversation with industry partners at the forum to investigate the short-comings and problems with the tools and methodologies they use for distributed development.

Stephen Yang is a 4th year Computer Science PhD student advised by John Ousterhout. His current research interest is in visualizing distributed systems, but he has done work in network simulations with Mendel Rosenblum in the CS department and Human Robot Interaction with Wendy Ju in the Mechanical Engineering department.