2016 Poster Sessions : Aperture-Interference Light Field (ALF) Microscopy for Imaging Fluorescent Volumes

Student Name : Isaac Kauvar
Advisor : Gordon Wetzstein
Research Areas: Information Systems
Light field microscopy (LFM) is an emerging technique for volumetric fluorescence imaging without the need to physically scan the detection objective, but widespread use is hampered by its poor spatial resolution. In this paper, using a diffraction-based analysis we elucidate how existing LFM configurations forfeit high resolution information transmitted through the microscope objective. We present a new aperture mask based design termed the Aperture-interference Light Field (ALF) microscope that offers higher spatial resolution across an equivalent axial extent as compared with previous LFM configurations, and we analyze its noise properties. We show with simulation and a prototype that without scanning the objective, we can reconstruct a fluorescent volume with a lateral resolution of at least 1.56 um across an axial extent of at least 60 um, demonstrating that significant improvement is possible beyond existing LFM designs.

Isaac Kauvar is an Electrical Engineering PhD student advised by Gordon Wetzstein and Karl Deisseroth. Julie Chang is a Bioengineering PhD student advised by Gordon Wetzstein.