2008 Poster Sessions : HAPTICS - Engaging the Sense of Touch in the Digital World (Demo)

Student Name : Francois Conti
Advisor : Oussama Khatib
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
In our everyday world, we rely on our sense of touch to perform activities such as dialing a touch-tone phone, finding the first gear in a manual transmission car, or playing a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano which all heavily rely on the tactile and kinesthetic cues we receive. The field of “computer haptics” explores the possibilities of introducing the sense of touch in the digitized world to provide an easier and more instinctive way to communicate with computer applications. In this work we present a three dimension force feedback interface which allows the operator to freely move his or her hand in a virtual environment while exploring and feeling the shape, stiffness, and texture properties of the objects composing the virtual scene.

François Conti received in 1999 his MS in Electrical Engineering from The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Lausanne. From 1999-2000, he worked as a research assistant where he participated into the development of a high-end force feedback device and simulator used for training laparoscopic surgical tasks. In 2000, François co-founded Force Dimension, a company that today develops and manufactures high precision force-feedback interfaces for research, medical and industrial applications. In 2001, François joined the Stanford AI Lab in the Department of Computer Science where he is currently pursuing his PhD in the field of haptic interface design and simulation.