2009 Poster Sessions : Exploiting Multiuser Dynamics in Half-Duplex Wireless Relaying

Student Name : Ernest Lo
Advisor : Andrea Goldsmith
Research Areas: Information Systems
Cooperative transmission has been driving a revolutionary development in wireless protocol design. In these systems nodes pool their resources for throughput or reliability enhancement. Despite the many potential benefits, however, extra resources such as bandwidth or timeslots are often required for the node communication required for pooling. This work focuses on exploiting half-duplex relays to provide cooperative diversity in a spectral-efficient way for combating wireless fading. A new design direction is proposed which offers simple, practical yet efficient solutions by exploiting multiuser dynamics of a network. Unlike many existing designs which rely on complicated channel coding schemes and involve instantaneous channel information forwarding from one link to the others, our protocols require only simple single-user codes and channel knowledge at the receiver. The design also features high compatibility with conventional non-cooperative protocols where a relay can be introduced flexibly without modifying the original source transmission strategy.

Ernest Lo is a Postdoc scholar in Prof. Andrea Goldsmith’s Wireless Systems Lab at Stanford University. His current research is focused on cooperative multiuser communication with work spanning resource allocation, channel-coding and system-level design. He also worked on cognitive radio and Beyond 3G systems projects before joining Stanford. Ernest is the Best Paper Award recipient at IEEE ICC 2007, Glasgow, and the award winner of the Croucher Fellowships in 2008. He was also awarded an R&D Excellence scholarship and several others including IEEE ComSoc Research Travel Grants during his Ph.D. study. He contributed to the standardization of the IEEE 802.22 cognitive radio WRAN system and holds several pending US and China patents. He also served as an editorial assistant of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.