2009 Poster Sessions : Toward Patient-Specific Simulation of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Student Name : Sonny Chan
Advisor : Kenneth Salisbury
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Endoscopic sinus surgery is a technically challenging procedure with a high risk of complication due to the proximity of critical structures. A thorough understanding of the patient’s specific anatomy is required to achieve a successful outcome. High-resolution, multi-planar computed tomography (CT) images can provide the surgeon with detailed anatomical information for pre-operative planning. However, the surgeon must make the conceptual leap from viewing cross-sectional images to the anatomy encountered in the surgical field, an inexact process even for experienced surgeons. Our goal is to provide a means for the surgeon to view and interact with pre-operative patient data in a surgically meaningful manner.

Sonny Chan is currently a second year PhD student working in the Biorobotics research laboratory with Professor Kenneth Salisbury (Computer Science and Surgery) and Dr. Nikolas Blevin (Otolaryngology) as part of the Stanford Bio-X program for interdisciplinary research. I'm working on developing algorithms for visual and haptic (physical) rendering of 3D models derived from patient data for virtual surgery.