2009 Poster Sessions : OpenRoads: Empowering Research in Mobile Networks

Student Name : Kok-Kiong Yap
Advisor : Nick McKeown
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Despite the maturity of the field, mobility continues to be an active area of research. However, it remains difficult to validate and evaluate ideas in a realistic environment. To rectify this, we present OpenRoads, a platform that allows research in mobile networks to be deployed and validated in production networks. In this platform, multiple wireless technologies are supported. OpenRoads supports isolation and flexible slicing, allowing multiple mobility managers to run concurrently on the same hardware. By separating the network into three layers, name physical, programmability, and mobility abstraction layers, we provide a system in which mobility schemes can be easily implemented over multiple wireless technologies. We contend that, in the long term, this will allow rapid innovation and deployment of mobility services.

Kok-Kiong Yap received his B.Eng. (1st Class) and M.Eng. from National University of Singapore, investigating research problems in wireless communications and wireless networks. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D, under supervision of Nick McKeown, focusing on architecture of future mobile networks. He is also actively involved with the deployment of OpenFlow in Stanford.