2009 Poster Sessions : PowerNet: A Magnifying Glass for Computing System Energy

Student Name : Maria Kazandjieva
Advisor : Philip Levis
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Electricity powers our everyday computing, yet we have no visibility into how this power is consumed. Detailed power usage data will improve how we design, select, manage, and use our computing devices and infrastructure. PowerNet is a platform for collecting, viewing, and analyzing plug-level power data collected in Gates Hall, the Stanford CS building. PowerNet uses off-the-shelf power meters as well as custom-designed low-power wireless sensors to measure energy usage. It will combine the data with utilization statistics to answer questions about total power usage, variation, and efficiency.

Maria's Bio:
Maria Kazandjieva is a PhD student at Stanford University's Computer Science Department. Her research interests include low-power wireless sensor networks, protocol behavior in 802.11 and 802.15.4 wireless meshes, and energy-efficiency.
Before Stanford, Maria worked at Princeton University as a research assistant. She holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College with major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics.