2009 Poster Sessions : Infection in the intensive care unit alters physiological relationships

Student Name : Adam Grossman
Advisor : Atul Butte
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Physicians use clinical data to treat patients every day, and it is essential for treating a patient appropriately. However, medical sources of clinical physiological data are only now starting to find use in bioinformatics research. We collected 29 types of physiological and clinical data on a minute-byminute basis from trauma patients in the intensive care unit along with whether they contracted an infection during their stay. Dividing the patients into two groups based on this criterion, we determined that the correlational network amongst pairs of physiological variables change based on whether the patient contracted an infection. Examining the variable pairs with the largest change in correlation reveals potential changes in the way our treatments affect the patient’s physiology and in how our bodies react to physiological insults. These findings highlight the usefulness of obtaining physiological data from the clinic and suggest new relationships to study while validating previously reported relationships.

Adam is currently researching how models of human physiology and physiological networks change due to the state of patients and the treatments they receive. This work is in collaboration with researchers at UCSF. We hope to be able to use this work to better inform treatment of patients in the intensive care unit.