Research Areas : Computer Systems

Research in both experimental and theoretical, traversing many domains: operating systems, computer networking, special architectures, compilers, programming languages, information management, graphics, security, reliability and fault tolerance, system specification and verification, user interfaces, integrated circuit design and special computer architectures.

Faculty Research Focus
Alex Aiken compilers, static race detection, debugging, algorithms, programming languages 
Peter Bailis coordination avoidance in large scale transaction processing, data serving, and statistical analytics tasks 
Dan Boneh applied cryptography, network security 
David Cheriton distributed systems 
William Dally high-speed signaling, multiprocessor architecture, graphics architecture, VLSI systems 
David Dill computational systems biology, formal verification techniques 
Dawson Engler source code analysis; software quality and security 
Ron Fedkiw computational algorithms for applications in computational fluid dynamics, computer graphics, biomechanics 
Michael J. Flynn systems architecture 
Hector Garcia-Molina distributed systems, information integration, database systems 
Leonidas Guibas computational geometry, image processing, graphics, computer vision, sensor networks, robotics, discrete algorithms  
Patrick Hanrahan visualization, graphics systems/architectures, rendering algorithms 
Jeffrey M. Heer human-computer interaction, visualization, social computing 
John Hennessy computer architecture 
Mark Horowitz digital circuit design, VLSI systems, computer architecture 
Scott Klemmer human-computer interaction 
Vladlen Koltun interactive computer graphics, 3D modeling, character animation 
Christos Kozyrakis transactional memory, architectural support for security, power management techniques 
Monica Lam Mobile and social computing, platforms and applications, HCI and security  
Philip Levis sensor networks 
Marc Levoy light field photography, 3D scanning, rendering 
David Luckham complex event processing 
David Mazières secure computing 
Edward McCluskey logic testing, synthesis, design for testability, and fault-tolerant computing 
Nick McKeown network architecture, backbone network design, congestion control, clean slate internet design 
Teresa Meng circuit optimization, neural signal processing, and computation architectures for systems biology 
John Mitchell computer security: access control, network protocols, privacy, software systems, web security 
Subhasish Mitra robust system design, VLSI design & test, computer architecture, design for emerging nanotechnologies, biomedical applications 
Oyekunle Olukotun pervasive parallelism, computer architecture, parallel programming environments and scalable parallel systems 
John K. Ousterhout web application development, storage systems, and operating systems 
Balaji Prabhakar computer and wireless networks, algorithms, stochastic network theory  
Christopher Ré enable users and developers to build applications that more deeply understand and exploit data 
Mendel Rosenblum disk storage management, computer simulation techniques, scalable operating system structure, virtualization, computer security 
Fouad Tobagi wireless networks, multimedia communication (video streaming, voice over IP), mobile networking, 
Jeff Ullman database theory, database integration, data mining, and education using the information infrastructure 
Ge Wang computer music, programming language and interactive software design, mobile and social music, laptop orchestra, interaction design 
Jennifer Widom information management 
Gio Wiederhold valuation of intangibles in software 
Terry Winograd human-computer interaction 
Keith Winstein statistical and predictive apporaches to teach computers to design better network protocols and applications  
3X: A Workbench for eXecuting eXploratory eXperiments
A 220pJ_Pixel_Frame CMOS Image Sensor with Partial Settling Readout Architecture
A Buffer-Based Approach to Video Rate Adaptation
A Buffer-space Efficient and Deadlock-free Scheduling of Stream Applications on Multi-core Architectures
A Genomics Co-processor
A Security Evaluation of DNSSEC with NSEC3
A Type System for Dimensional Analysis
Achieving Practical Reliable Multicast with TCP-SMO
Address Space Layout Randomization in Android
An FPGA Programming System for DNA Sequence Alignment
Automatic Generation of Efficient Accelerator Designs for Reconfigurable Hardware
Canary: A Scheduling Architecture for High Performance Cloud Computing
Capri: Congestion and Parking Relief Incentives
Carbon Nanotube Computer: Transforming Scientific Discoveries into Working Systems
Carving Research Slices Out of Your Production Network
ChucK: A Music Programming Language
Co-Ordinated Management for Dense WiFi Networks
Collaborative Learning with CourseWare
Comparing Parallel Programming Models using GRAMPS
Composition and Reuse with Compiled Domain-Specific Languages
Confused, Timid, and Unstable: Picking a Video Streaming Rate is Hard
Content Based Auto-tagging of Flickr Images
Copysets: Reducing the Frequency of Data Loss in Cloud Storage
Core-Aware Scheduling: Balancing Application Concurrency with Core Availability
Cross-tier Interference Mitigation for Two-tier OFDMA Femtocell Networks
DC-TCP: Efficient Packet Transport for the Commoditized Data Center
Decoupling Datacenter Studies from Access to Large-Scale Applications Christina Delimitrou
Deep Compression: Compressing Deep Neural Networks with Pruning, Trained Quantization and Huffman Coding
DeepDive: Extracting Databases from Dark Data
Discovering Social Circles in Ego-Networks
Dispatch: Secure Communication and Publishing for Journalists
Dynamic Fine-Grain Scheduling of Pipeline Parallelism
Dynamic Management of TurboMode in Modern Multi-core Chips
Effective Post-Silicon Validation
Efficient Super-Computing
EMEURO: A Framework for Data-Driven Software Optimization using Deep Learning
Enabling Technology for On-Chip Networks
Energy Efficient Computing
Energy Efficient High Performance Computing
Ensuring Rapid Mixing and Low Bias for Asynchronous Gibbs Sampling
ERSA: Error Resilient System Architecture for Probabilistic Applications
Experiences with Rules-based Programming for Distributed, Concurrent, Fault-tolerant Code
Fast Crash Recovery in RAMCloud
Flash Storage Disaggregation
Gaining Visibility and Intuitions into Distributed Systems
Generating Configurable Hardware from Parallel Patterns
Generating Heterogeneous Systems from Image Processing DSL
GPS: A Graph Processing System
Grazelle: Architecture-Optimized In-Memory Graph Processing
Hails: Protecting Data Privacy in Untrusted Web Applications
Hails: Protecting Data Privacy in Untrusted Web Apps
Header Space Analysis: Static Checking for Networks
HicampDB - an In-memory Column Database with Hardware Snapshot Isolation and Deduplication
High Speed Networks Need Proactive Congestion Control
Hypervisor based DataCenter wide Network Provisioning
Identifying Energy Waste through Power and Utilization Monitoring
Implementation of a Low-Latency Graph Database on RAMCloud
Improving Datacenter Network Performance with Multicast
Improving Resource-Efficiency in Cloud Computing
In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm
Indexing In RamCloud
Information Cartography: Creating Zoomable, Large-Scale Maps of Information
Information Diffusion and External Influence in Networks
Initial Results of Using an Intelligent Tutoring System with Alice
Integrating External Resource into a Task-Based Model
Junction: A Decentralized Platform for Ad Hoc Mobile and Social Applications
Latency Comparison of Graph Databases Neo4j and TitanDB
Legion: Expressing Independence and Locality with Logical Regions
Life-browsing with a Lifetime of Email (Live Demo at
Light Fields & Computational Photography
Lightspeed Datacenter Networking
Log-structured Memory in RAMCloud
Low Latency Network Interfaces
Making Use of All the Networks Around Us: A Case Study in Android
Managing Interference for High Utilization and QoS in Modern Datacenters
Managing State for Ajax-Driven Web Components
Mining Social Topologies from Email for Online Data Sharing
Mobile Data Delivery through Mobility Pattern Prediction in Sensor Networks
Model-Based Approach to Detecting Densely Overlapping Communities in Networks
Moving Transaction Processing Lower in the Software Stack
Network Congestion Avoidance Through Speculative Reservation
Network Interface Design for Low Latency Request-Response Protocols
Neuroscience Meets Cryptography: Implicit Credential Learning
Nimbus: Runtime System for Graphical and Scientific Simulations over Cloud
Ocarina: Designing the iPhone's Magic Flute
Optimizing TCP Pure ACK Receive Processing
Ori: A Durable Distributed File System for Users
PISCES: A Programmable, Protocol-Independent Software Switch
Plug-n-Serve: Load-Balancing Web Traffic using OpenFlow
PORTIA: Managing sensitive information in a wired world
Preserving Privacy with PrPl: a Decentralized Social Networking Infrastructure
Privacy-Preserving Ridge Regression on Hundreds of Millions of Records
Quick Error Detection for Effective Post-Silicon Validation of System-on-Chips
R2D2: Rapid and Reliable Data Delivery in Data Centers
RAMCloud: Scalable, High-Performance Datacenter Storage
Reevaluating Memory Systems for Energy Efficiency: Bringing Computation and Data Closer
Sampling Propagation Cascades
Sergeant: A Transactional Distributed Controller for Software Defined Networks
SI-TM: Reducing Transactional Memory Abort Rates through Snapshot Isolation
SLOrk: Stanford Laptop Orchestra
Smartphone Fingerprinting: By Their Sensors You Will Recognize Them
SociaLite: High-level Query Language for Big Data Analysis
Stratified Synthesis: Automatically Learning the x86-64 Instruction Set
The Last Click: Why Users Give up Information Network Navigation
Towards Energy Proportional Memory with Mobile DRAMs
Transactional Memory Based on Snapshot Isolation
TRIO: A System for Integrated Management of Data, Accuracy, and Lineage
Vulnerability Factors in New Web Applications: Audit Tools, Developer Selection & Languages
WebBase Project
Wireless Implanted Networks
Wrangler: An Interactive System for Data Transformation and Integration