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Printer Technology

The display case in the Stanford Gates Computer Science building in the left staircase between the [| first] and [| second] floor displays a variety of printing technology.

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Overview of Printing technology

Mechanical printing

  1. Metal front impact type face & ink
    1. Assembling of individual character slugs into pages: Gutenberg
    2. Assembling negative slugs and casting lines: Linotype
    3. Creating page plates with raised letters: Offset printing
    4. Creating etched plates to collect ink:
  2. Metal or Plastic front impact type face & ribbon
    1. Individual character units:

Typewriters, Flexowriter

    1. Full alphabet units:
      1. Teletypes (35, 33),
      2. IBM Selectric,
      3. Daisy Wheel
    2. Composed metal front impact type faces & ink:
      1. Wire matrix line printers
      2. Wire matrix type writers
    3. Composed non-impact front direct ink
      1. Inkjet with continuous jet and diverter
      2. Inkjet with on demand droplet creation
    4. Metal rear impact type face & ribbon
      1. Drum printers: calculators,
      2. Chain printers: IBM 1443,
      3. Belt Printers: CDC & Holly 512, Fasttrain, DataProducts
  1. Alternate Printing Technologies
    1. Dye transfer
      1. Chemical offset using a hydrophilic master: Gestetner
      2. Computer produced master using a mechanical plotter: ~1960
    2. Thermographic dyes
      1. Multi-Color Transfer sheets
      2. Colors wax sublimation
    3. Thermographic for heat sensitive paper
      1. Receipt printers: xxxx
      2. Small computer printers: Timex Sinclair
    4. Electro-sensitive
      1. Sparks blacken charged metallic paper: Timex Sinclair
    5. Magnetic:
      1. Energized spots on a roll for carbon pickup roll


      1. Laser spot charges transferred to paper carbon pickup: Xerox, HP

<img src="IMG_1671small.jpg" alt="IMG_1671small.jpg" /> <a href="IMG_1671.jpg" class='external text' title=" 1671.jpg" rel="nofollow">typewriter</a>

<img src="IMG_1677small.jpg" alt="IMG_1677small.jpg" />

<a href="IMG_1677.jpg" class='external text' title=" 1677.jpg" rel="nofollow">tabulating machines</a>

<img src="IMG_1678small.jpg" alt="IMG_1678small.jpg" />

<a href="IMG_1678.jpg" class='external text' title=" 1678.jpg" rel="nofollow">early egonometric card punch</a>