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  1. Wiederhold, Gio (editor): Intelligent Integration of Information; Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston MA, July 1996.
  2. Feigenbaum, Edward, Gio Wiederhold (editors and authors), Elaine Rich, and Michael Harrison (authors): Advanced Software Applications in Japan; Noyes Publications, 1995.
  3. Shortliffe, Edward, Leslie Perrault, Gio Wiederhold, and Larry Fagan (editors and authors): Medical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine; Addison-Wesley, April 1990, 715 pages; second edition, Springer Verlag, 2000.
  4. Wiederhold, Gio: File Organization for Database Design; McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, NY, March 1987.
  5. Wiederhold, Gio: Database Design; McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, NY, in the Computer Science Series, May 1977, 678 pages; Second edition, January 1983, 768 pages; republished on ACM Digital Library CD ROM, from files prepared March 2002.
  6. Wiederhold, Gio: Databases for Health Care; Springer Verlag, Medical Informatics series, D.A.B. Lindberg (Ed.), 1981, 78 pages; Source report 1980 (pdf).