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Welcome to the Stanford Computer Forum Wiki

This is an experiment. Here's the story.

Some folks in the Computer Science Department wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the department's creation. As part of the celebration, Nils Nilsson created a historical timeline by collecting information from a variety of sources. Suzanne Bigas wanted to include the timeline in the materials distributed at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Computer Forum. She asked Denny Brown to help. Denny suggested putting up this wiki to make it easy to collect and edit contributions, and to provide a way to maintain this and similar historical info about the department.

For now, Denny Brown (User:Dbrown) is the de facto content manager for the wiki. He has volunteered to configure the site, and set up initial contribution guidelines and policies. (NOTE: Denny is a rookie at wiki configuration and management; he figures this will be an opportunity to learn about what it takes.)

Anybody who wants to participate should ... (stopgap: contact Denny User:Dbrown)

Thanks to Miles Davis for installing the software and protecting the site.