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Welcome to the Stanford Computer Science Department History Wiki

This site is a repository of historical information about Stanford's Computer Science Department and Computer Systems Laboratory. For more about the site itself, including how to contribute to the site, see Stanford_CSD_History:About.

Some of the history has already been added to this site:

  • Timeline - originally compiled by Nils Nilsson with extensive help from faculty and staff

Some of the history will be here someday (Pseudo-links in red like this indicate pages that should be created):

  • Faculty books - A list of textbooks written or co-written by the faculty

Some of the history is now on other sites:

  • Wellspring of Innovation A searchable compilation of companies founded by people affiliated with Stanford. According to this website, “In the last several decades, over 1,200 full-time companies were founded by members of the Stanford University community.” Just a few of these are listed in the timeline.

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