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The purpose of this site is to create and maintain a historical record of events related to Stanford's Computer Science Department (CSDSU).

Editorial policy

The faculty of CSDSU reserve the right to edit or remove items posted here, and to remove registered users from the site.

Who may contribute

Anybody may contribute to this site. We do, however, want to know who you are. So you must register as a site user in order to contribute.

Getting started

  1. Register
  2. Create a brief description of yourself and your relation to CSDSU on your user page. See User:Dbrown for an example. You should see a user link at the very top of the page; that takes you to your user page.

Sign your contributions

When you create a new article

Creating new articles

You may create a new article on a topic of your choosing related to CSDSU. See Help:Create a new article for a how to do so.

Editing existing articles

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