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The Faculty books page was created by importing a Word file assembled by Nils Nilsson, Jill Anderson, and others.

The import was done using copy and paste. The italics for book titles did not come across, so the entries must be edited by hand.

Should we apply some editorial standards? What should they be?

User:Gio made the following suggestions:

  • Multiple editions? Suggestion: don't enter separatly, but show with the main title.
  • Edited books? State so.
  • Translations? Omit them.
  • How to organize them? authors last name, and then chronological? By subject would be nice for readers, but topic areas are not that well bounded and stable.

--Dbrown 16:50, 5 April 2006 (PDT)

What are the formatting standards for this page?

  • Book title should be italicized. The copy&paste lost the italics from the original source.

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