Annual Meeting : 2019 Artificial Intelligence Research Frontiers

April 10, 2019
Location: McCaw Hall, Arrillaga Alumni Center

8:00am Registration & Breakfast  
9:00am Welcome & Overview
Professor Chris Manning, Stanford
9:10am Computers that Learn to Help
Professor Emma Brunskill, Stanford
9:40am How Powerful are Graph Neural Networks
Professor Jure Leskovec, Stanford
10:10am Illuminating Dark Space: Towards Ambience Intelligence in AI-Assisted Healthcare
Professor Fei-Fei Li, Stanford
10:40am Break
11:00am AI for Safety Critical Applications
Professor Mykel Kochenderfer, Stanford
11:30am What’s your Data Worth? Quantifying the Value of Individuals’ Data in ML
Professor James Zou, Stanford
12:00pm Learning from Language
Professor Percy Liang, Stanford
12:30pm Formal Methods for AI Safety
Professor Clark Barrett, Stanford
1:00pm Luncheon & Program in McCaw Hall
Keynote Speaker: Societal, Ethical & Human Rights Impacts of AI
Eileen Donahoe, Stanford
2:30pm Understanding Deep Learning
Professor Tengyu Ma, Stanford
3:00pm Smart Interfaces for Human-Centered AI
Professor James Landay, Stanford
3:30pm Break
3:45pm Storytelling Tools
Professor Maneesh Agrawala, Stanford
4:15pm The Importance of Robustness and Modeling in Large Scale Learning and Optimization
Professor John Duchi, Stanford
4:45pm Learning with Limited Supervision
Professor Stefano Ermon, Stanford
5:15pm Student Poster and Short Oral Presentations
5:30pm Poster Session and Reception