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Job Listing: Summer Robot Operator

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Job Listing: Summer Robot Operator

Company: Stanford University Computer Science Department
Post Date: 06/12/2023
Type: Summer Robot Operator

Job Description: 
You will collect training data for our machine learning algorithms by operating a physical robot arm to demonstrate how to solve a wide range of complex robotic manipulation tasks, such as rearranging objects, setting a table or even slotting a battery. To operate the robot you will use a VR controller or our advanced custom interface.

Desired skills: A certain degree of manual dexterity is required. Prior experience with DIY projects (broadly defined) is preferred. However, most people are able to learn how to operate the robot in less than 30 minutes. Some technical know-hows such as using Linux and basic electronics knowledge is helpful, but not required, as we would train you. This job is a great fit for students who are careful and enjoy paying attention to detail. Note that this position involves repetitive motion.

Pay Rate: $18.00-$21.00 / hr

Duration: Seasonal