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Job Listings : Applied Scientist (PhD Graduates Only)

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Job Listings : Applied Scientist (PhD Graduates Only)

Job Listings : Applied Scientist (PhD Graduates Only)

Company: Uber
Post Date: 10/21/2022
Type: Full Time

Please apply here: Applied Scientist

Job Description
The Uber Core Analytics & Science team is looking for recently graduated full-time Applied Scientist hires starting in 2023. 

About the Role

Have you ever ordered a car service on Uber, and when the ride arrives, wondered how it got to you so fast? Ever ordered food on UberEats and wondered where the driver was before receiving your order and how long it took to get to the restaurant or if your order was ready when the courier arrived? Ever wondered why your grocery delivery from Uber always has the best apple picked? If so, Uber Core Analytics & Science (CAS) is for you. In CAS, we strive to make magic within Uber’s marketplace. This requires judgment to make difficult trade-offs, blending algorithms with human ingenuity, and the ability to create simplicity from complexity. When we get the balance right for everyone, Uber magic happens. We build systems to peer into the future to design the most cost-efficient marketplace for matching supply and demand. CAS is focused on using cutting edge economics, machine learning, and scalable distributed software that automates and optimizes every aspect of this intricate dance between participants of the marketplace.

We are involved in every stage of the product development cycle. We use data to inform product decisions, build models to power our solutions, and also develop platform tools that are used across teams. We focus primarily on Mobility and Delivery. In 2021, we drove tens of billions of dollars in Gross Bookings. Just in the fourth quarter of 2021, we booked nearly 2 Billion trips worldwide at a growth rate of 23% year over year. We work with millions of earners across the globe to make this magic happen and want you to join us!

Delivery: UberEats is Uber's on-demand food, grocery and convenience delivery business. It currently operates in over 45 countries. Delivery is a 3-sided marketplace, consisting of Eaters, Couriers, and Merchants. Projects include optimizing our eater pricing systems, designing the best menu of delivery and service fees for members and non-members, improving matching algorithms to get the food to you at the right time (and right temperature!), building an ads delivery system, modeling and predicting eater and courier behavior, and improving the efficiency of user acquisition, promotions, courier experience, and merchant onboarding, among many others.

Mobility: Rides Applied Science at Uber uses data to improve and automate Uber's core ridesharing products. Projects include optimizing Uber’s short and long term pricing systems; efficiently matching incoming trip requests in Uber’s dispatch system; developing innovative incentive schemes that reward riders and drivers for choosing our network; developing algorithms and experimentation to make our rider and driver experience stand out. We also forecast, monitor, and evaluate all aspects of our marketplace and user behavior using both large scale observational data and meticulous experimentation.

What You’ll Do

  • Tackle ambiguous, exciting business problems using data-driven approaches
  • Work with engineers and product managers to turn data science prototypes into robust, reliable solutions
  • Present findings to business leaders to inform decisions
  • Establish standard methodologies for data science including modeling, coding, analytics, optimization, and experimentation
  • Use data to understand product performance and identify improvement opportunities
  • Build intelligent products to improve our marketplaces and consumer experiences

Basic Qualificaitons

  • Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Operations Research, or another quantitative field with an anticipated graduation date in winter 2022 - fall 2023
  • Knowledge of underlying mathematical foundations of optimization, stochastic processes, statistics and machine learning
  • Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Familiarity with a programming language such as R, and Python

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and business partners
  • Research mentality with a bias towards action to structure a project from idea to experimentation to prototype to implementation
  • Independence, excellent communication, and outstanding follow-through - you energetically tackle your work and love the responsibility of being individually empowered
  • Experience with exploratory data analysis, statistical analysis and model development
  • Experience in one of the following areas: Operations Management, Revenue Management and Pricing, Advertising, Experimental Design, Assortment Planning, Transportation
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Proficiency with a programming language such as R, and Python
  • Previous industry experience (e.g., internships)