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Director 1988-1997

Carolyn Tajnai

On July 31, 1997, I retired after being affiliated with the Computer Systems Laboratory and the Department of Computer Science of Stanford University for amost twenty-five years. In 1981, I became Manager of the Stanford Computer Forum, the Industrial Affiliates program for CSD and CSL and in 1988, the Director. Under my leadership Forum membership increased from 27 to 74 companies and annual income from $300K to over $2.25M.

In addition to Forum responsibilities I was the Assistant Chairman for External Relations and Graduate Studies for the Department of Computer Science. I also served as Chairman of the CSD Fellowship Committee and on the Ph.D. Program, Policy and Evaluation and the Library Committees.

I was involved in the Affirmative Action program at Stanford with a goal of encouraging more women and minority students to apply for admission to the Department of Computer Science Ph.D. program, and to assist them after they matriculated.

While at Stanford, I presented talks on The Links Between Stanford University and Industry and the Stanford Industrial Affiliate Programs to companies and universities in Japan, Korea, Germany and throughout the United States.