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Annual Meeting: 2013 Security Workshop

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April 15, 2013
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

TIme Agenda PDF
8:45 AM Check-in & Breakfast  
9:20 AM Welcome & Introduction to the Security Workshop  
9:30 AM Recent Developments in Cryptography, Dan Boneh, Stanford  
10:00 AM Cybersecurity Research and Online Learning, John Mitchell, Stanford PDF
10:30 AM Break  
10:45 AM Dune: Safe User-level Access to Privileged CPU Features, Adam Belay, Stanford PDF
11:15 AM Smartphone Fingerprinting: By Their Sensors You Will Recognize Them, Hristo Bojinov, Stanford  
11:45 AM Building a Next-Generation App Store, Jason Franklin, Stanford PDF
12:15 PM Lunch  
1:30 PM Are We Criminals? How a 1980s Hacking Law Undermines Computer Security, Jonathan Mayer, Stanford PDF
2:00 PM Ensuring Sufficient Entropy in RSA Modulus Generation, Wendy Mu, Stanford Download
2:30 PM Break  
3:00 PM Searching on Encrypted Data without Revealing the Search Predicate, Ananth Raghunathan, Stanford Download
3:30 PM Data-Mining on Gigabytes of Encrypted Data, Valeria Nikolaenko, Stanford PDF
4:00 PM Protecting Network Performance in the Cloud from Malicious Traffic Interference, Vimalkumar Jeyakumar, Stanford PDF