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2007 Annual Affiliates Meeting

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Day 1Clean Slate Networking Research Workshop
The workshop program was characterized by two research questions: With what we know today, if we were to start again with a clean slate, how would we design a global communications infrastructure? and How should the Internet look in 15 years? Faculty and students from the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Management Science and Engineering introduced current and future projects of this new collaborative interdisciplinary research program.


March 21, 2007

Arrillaga Alumni Center 

Day 2Plenary Session
The Annual Meeting featured keynote presentations to affiliate members by Computer Science and Computer Systems faculty. These talks encompassed an overview of the faculty's research, discussing ongoing projects as well as emerging technologies.March 20, 2007
Day 3Computer Security Workshop
The 9th Annual Workshop on Computer Security, sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum and co-chaired by Professors Dan Boneh and John Mitchell, focused on the current research in the Computer Science Department's Security Laboratory and affiliated research groups. The program included talks on cryptography, network protocols, wireless network security, privacy, identity theft, data mining, code analysis for security vulnerabilities, and security methods using virtual machine architecture.March 19, 2007