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2008 Annual Affiliates Meeting

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Meeting Location:
Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez Street
Stanford CA 94305


Day 1 Security Workshop
Professors Dan Boneh and John Mitchell are co-chairs of the Tenth Annual Security Workshop which focused on specific projects in the Security Laboratory and the Applied Crypto Group. 8:45am - 5:15pm
Fisher Conference Center, Alumni Center
Day 2 Plenary Meeting

The Plenary Meeting, co-chaired by Professors Mendel Rosenblumand Abbas El Gamal, presents a broad industry/university perspective of the new phenomenon of social networking. What is it? Where is it going? What are the research questions? The meeting offers a broad view of research in CS, CSL, and ISL through selected talks by faculty on hot research topics.

There will be a seated luncheon featuring a presentation by Reid Hoffman, Chairman & President of LinkedIn. The day concludes with a reception and a poster session of CS and EE student research posters.

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fisher Conference Center, Alumni Center
Day 3 InfoLab/Hitachi Workshop
This year the InfoLab is joining forces with Hitachi to present the InfoLab/Hitachi Workshop. The morning will focus on some of the research done in the InfoLab. The afternoon,a joint session with Hitachi, will explore the future of information technology. Four outstanding IT "gurus" will give us their vision for what could be called the "information cloud", a world where all information is available from everywhere, any time.

8:30am – 5:00pm

Fisher Conference Center, Alumni Center


5:00pm – 7:00pm


Day 4 Programmable Open Mobile Internet 2020 Workshop
The workshop will include invited talks from leaders around the world and from local experts on technology and business trends that are driving the vision of the Programmable Open Mobile Internet and on promising new technologies, architectures, and services to help realize this vision. It will include lot of time for discussion including a panel discussion of experts.  8:30 am – 5:00pm
Fisher Conference Center, Alumni Center