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Annual Meeting: Algorithms and Applications in Data Science

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Annual Meeting : Algorithms and Applications in Data Science Hosted by the Stanford Data Science Initiative and Algorithms and Applications in AI Hosted by the Stanford AI Lab

Time Agenda Video
10:00 AM Generalizing Deep Learning to Non-Euclidean Data
Professor Jure Leskovec, Stanford
10:20 AM Data, Markets and Machine Learning
Professor James Zou, Stanford
11:00 AM LIVE Faculty Panel Youtube
12:00 PM Break
Student Research Digital Flipbook
1:00 PM Natural Language Processing: Improved Representations and Models
Professor Chris Manning, Stanford
1:20 PM Learning from the Past to Make Better Future Decisions
Professor Emma Brunskill, Stanford
1:40 PM Deep Learning for Small, Imbalanced, and Heteroskedastic Datasets
Professor Tengyu Ma, Stanford
2:00 PM LIVE Panel
With Faculty and Samir Dhir, President & Head of Americas at Virtusa
3:00 PM End