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2011 Annual Affiliates Meeting

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Annual Affiliates Meeting: April 11 - April 13, 2011

Location: Arrillaga Alumni Center
Fisher Conference Center
326 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305

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The Annual Meeting will be hosted for the 43rd consecutive year by the Computer Forum at the Arrillaga Alumni Center at Stanford University. The three-day event will present opportunities for our industrial partners to hear about latest developments in timely and critical areas of technology.

Day 1 Security Workshop
The Annual Security Workshop, now in its 13th year, will present cutting edge research on computer security from the Stanford Security Lab. Topics include web security, security for embedded devices and mobile phones, operating systems, code analysis, secure user interfaces, cryptography, and many others. The workshop is organized by Professors Dan Boneh and John Mitchelland will involve talks from faculty and PhD students. April 11
Fisher Conference Center,
Alumni Center
Day 2 Plenary Session and Poster Session

The Plenary Session, organized by Professor John Ousterhout, will feature selected talks by faculty and industry leaders, with special focus on the datacenter. The Plenary Session will also include faculty talks highlighting exciting areas of research within the CS and EE departments.


The seated luncheon will feature a presentation by James Hamilton, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer on the Amazon Web Services team. The day will conclude with a reception and a poster session of CS and EE student research.

April 12
Fisher Conference Center,
Alumni Center
Day 3 POMI Workshop
The mission of the NSF-funded POMI 2020 Expedition is to break down barriers to openness: (1) loss of user data privacy and control (2) increasing difficulty for new Web services to enter the market, (3) inaccessible wireless capacity due to closed networks, and (4) network infrastructure not open to continued innovations. This workshop presents the latest results of this research project and includes invited talks by experts in the industry. The workshop is organized by the project's Executive Director, Dr. Guru Parulkar and Professor Monica Lam.

April 13

Fisher Conference Center, Alumni Center