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Annual Meeting: 2016 HCI+ Design Workshop

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8:30 AM Check-In & Breakfast  
9:00 AM Welcome & Introduction to the HCI+Design Workshop, 
Maneesh Agrawala James Landay
9:15 AM Theatre of the Car,
Wendy Ju,Stanford
9:45 AM From On Body to Out of Body User Experience,
James Landay,Stanford
10:15 AM Break  
11:00 AM Design for Embodied Interactions - Learning from Artists,
Camille Utterback,Stanford
11:30 AM Making Interaction Physical - From Physically Embodied Design Tools to Ubiquitous Robotics,
Sean Follmer,Stanford
12:00 PM Decomposing Creativity: The Case of Writing Humor,
Lydia Chilton,University of Washington
12:30 PM Lunch  
1:45 PM Affordances and the Psychology of Social Media,
Jeff Hancock,Stanford
2:15 PM Crowdsourcing A Meeting of Minds: Designing the Future of Work,
Michael Bernstein,Stanford
2:45 PM Break  
3:30 PM Redesigning, Reusing and Revitalizing Existing Charts and Graphs,
Maneesh Agrawala,Stanford
4:00 PM Keynote Speaker: The Hyphen is Design:An Outsider’s Look at Human-Computer Interaction,
Barry Katz,California College of the Arts and Stanford