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Annual Meeting: 2020 New Research Directions in CS & EE Hosted by the Computer Forum

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Time Agenda Video Q&A
10:00 AM Welcome & Overview
Professor Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford
10:05 AM Learning to See the Physical World
Professor Jiajun Wu, Stanford
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10:30 AM Budget-Smoothed Analysis for Submodular Maximization
Professor Aviad Rubinstein, Stanford
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10:55 AM Beyond the Average Case: Machine Learning for Atypical Examples
Professor Tatsu Hashimoto, Stanford
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11:20 AM Keynote
Business Applications of AI: Bridging the PoC to Production Gap
Andrew Ng, CEO/Founder Landing AI; Co-founder, Coursera; Adjunct Professor, Stanford University
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12:00 PM Break
Student Research Digital Flipbook
1:00 PM Application Reliability and Security via Formal Methods for Systems
Professor Caroline Trippel, Stanford
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1:25 PM Agile Design of Domain-Specific Architectures
Professor Priyanka Raina, Stanford
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1:50 PM Sparse Tensor Algebra Compilation
Professor Fredrik Kjolstad, Stanford
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2:15 PM Efficient Sampling from Distributions with Limited Correlations
Professor Nima Anari, Stanford
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2:40 PM Simulating Human Movement and Interaction with the World
Professor Karen Liu, Stanford
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3:00 PM End